In a Nutshell

Opposing squads fan out into neon arena lit by black lights for laser-tag matches, enjoy two levels of LASER TAG

Vest-wearing commandos duck and weave through the labyrinthine arena of FUN STATION, seeking shelter from the crossfire amid eerily glowing scenery. Squads pull their equipment from the wall-mounted racks of the staging area in preparation for two head-to-head matches. Black lights flood the area, illuminating neon paint and opposing players, and the thud of the music acts as an exciting backdrop to the battle. An electronic scoreboard keeps a running tally of each team’s score, and each player receives a printout after the game showing team and individual statistics, such as number of unnecessary tactical rolls performed.

After the mission is complete, squads can catch some R&R in the arcade, feeding handfuls of tokens to the game machines. Open laser tag is held Wednesday thru Sunday..